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Air Quality A Need not Luxury

{Free Webinar, with Bill Poirier, Austin Air Systems LTD}

Hi there, and welcome to my Blog! During this free webinar, we explored the importance of considering the air quality that we breathe to strengthen our immune system, for our selves, families, and clients.

Much of Human health and wellness depends on air quality. However, outdoors air quality it’s been in a deteriorating process for years and years thanks to activities like construction, transportation, agriculture, and manufacturing.  The indoor air quality has been affected by the levels of contamination of the outdoor and indoor sources of pollutants and contaminants. That is why the use of indoor purifiers or air quality assurance devices makes a difference.

Cities with Heavy Air pollution an example for Punta Cana Wellness

Our Air Quality Expert:

Bill Poirier, Director of Business Development for Austin Air Systems. LTD.

Bill has 40+ years in medical manufacturing space related to health medical grade devices and services. AirSep – Oxygen concentrators, Gaymar Industries – Pressure ulcer (aka bed sore) prevention and temperature management products, 

Graphic Controls (Nissha)– Electrodes, patient monitoring consumables (paper, film, etc.), Buffalo Filter (ConMed) – Surgical Smoke evacuation and filtering products, and now at Austin Air Systems – Clinically proven air purifiers. 

Some important information about Austin Air Systems and their commitment to Air Quality:

1990 Austin Air Systems, Limited is formed in Buffalo, New York. Austin HealthMate® is released. Using true medical-grade HEPA and granular activated carbon, it is the first domestic air purifier to remove a broad range of contaminants including chemicals, gases, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

1992 Austin Air is featured in medical and health newsletters. Proven to remove 99.97% of particles larger than 0.3 microns and 95% of particles larger than 0.1 microns.

2000 the Austin HealthMate® undergoes extensive testing along with over 100 other air purifiers at Battelle Laboratories, Aberdeen, MD. It is selected as the top air purifier for chemical and VOC filtration.

2001  Post 9/11, Austin Air products are recommended by the Red Cross, FEMA and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to combat the negative health effects of ash, chemicals, VOCs and other miscellaneous airborne particulates released into the air after the attack.

2002 following the Battelle Labs tests in 2000, Austin Air is selected by the U. S. government for the largest deployment of air purifiers in the world in order to protect residents of Anniston, Alabama during the elimination of chemical weapons.

2010 Austin Air receives the California Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Resources Board certification. This confirms Austin Air purifiers are well under the standards for safe ozone emissions.

2016 The Austin Air HealthMate Plus® is deployed to many thousands of residents of Porter Ranch, California and the surrounding Aliso Canyon area to help protect against the effects of the Southern California natural gas leak.

Some of the things we talked about:

  1. Bill Poirier – career – expertise and then Austin Air Systems – a little bit of background.
  2. Air purification, in other words, air quality – a luxury or a real need? Proven Difference?
  3. Features,  benefits, capabilities better to use it for (Hotels, Homes, Senior Living Facilities, Spa, Yoga Centers and many more)? – different types – maintenance.
  4. From a Business standpoint – Worth the investment for Employees – Clients does it help and or improve 
         Safety- air quality-, productivity. 
  5. ROI ( Return on investment) let’s think about an example where an air-purifying system can bring tangible added value to a business when it comes to generating revenue and or more business. 

We hope the content of this free webinar was insightful and that you and your organization could take advantage of our conversation.

If you are interested in getting your business, services, product, destination, hotel, spa, and everything in between to the next level of Wellness, we can help! Click here to start the process.

Check out the video, leave your comments, and questions we want to hear what you think. Be part of the conversation.

I am all in when it comes to creating quality connections that enhance my quality of life and the ones around me, based on self-care and the care of others, that is why promoting health and wellness is essential for me.

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