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Woman standing on an infitiy pool Punta Cana Wellness

Caribbean Wellness Vacation

The Service

Our caribbean wellness vacation planner service priority is to create unique experiences for each individual. Thus, every experience has its own distinct flavors in relation to wellness, linked with the Caribbean Region culture, natural assets, foods, and people.

We understand that your wellness vacation – experience goal is associated with the pursuit of maintaining or enhancing your personal wellbeing. Therefore, our caribbean wellness vacation providers are carefully selected to make sure you receive the experience you are looking for.

How it works?

Please follow the instructions below so we can understand your wellness vacation needs and assist you accordingly

  1. Contact us – fill out the form below
  2. You will receive an email with a meeting request, via zoom. We want to chat with you, get to know you so we can custom plan your wellness vacation for you.
  3. After that meeting, you will receive an email with 3 caribbean wellness vacation options that will include, your prefered destination, type of hotel or villa, services included, meals and entretaiment.
  4. You pay via Pay Pal or Freshbooks invoice.
  5. You Book your flight and pack your bags
  6. Take a picture once you get there, tag us on social media and leave us a review!

Simple, joyfull journey to a Caribbean Wanderlust in Style!

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