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Emerging Wellness Travel: A Breakthrough In Abundance

When I started my wellness travel business, TaoWander, I was mainly looking to share wellness to the world and find amazing cosmic and stress relieving adventures for the soul. 

I know that a lot of Americans and many people around the world are suffering from different types of health problems including mental health wellness, most of which stem from poor habits and lack of wellness education. 

The trend in health is starting to change on an individual level, but it is obvious that the workplace could address wellness much better.

Are Americans Anxious, Stressed and Sick?

America has been considered one of the “sickest” places on the planet in the 1st world.  “More than half of Americans have at least one chronic disease, mental illness or problem with drugs or alcohol, according to a new study.” (Conducted by Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University in Atlanta, November 2016)

The US is the sick Man of the Developed World from the Bloomberg Opinion

The world we live in is mirroring our lack of wellness on a collective level.

Garbage in the ocean killing the sea
Garbage in the ocean is not good for our planet, we need to take a step to clean it!

Why is this significant? And why should you care?

It is obvious that there is an ongoing mental, physical and spiritual health crisis going on in America. 

How can we fix it and change it?

We have to start with ourselves first.

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.

I started to ask myself questions…

Who is the most productive and driving force today? 

Millennials! They are also my daughter’s generation.  I have a lot of faith in their spirit and collective energy.

Why Millennials for Wellness Travel?

Truthfully, any age is a candidate for wellness.  However, millennials are the largest growing travel sector even surpassing Gen X’ers and Baby boomers.

Millennials (current 22 to 37-year-olds) value the ability to take impromptu trips over collecting material possessions, and are 230 percent more motivated by “going on an adventure” compared to older generations, according to the Ford report.

Sheryl Connelly, a Corporate Futurist, Ford Motor Company says about millennials, “Their measure of success is experienced and being in the know and being in the right place at the right time, or curating experiences that are uniquely their own. Travel hits all of those buttons.

Millennials in adventures Punta Cana Wellness
MIllennials mindset from the Ford Marketing Report- 72% Embrace experiences- 230% have an eye for adventure- 90% Is constantly connected-58% is goal oriented-4 to 7 are homeland bound

The Ford report continues to say

It’s about the Journey & The Destination. While it’s still true that growth ties in the journey, socially-aware, health-conscious travelers are seeking destinations with added opportunities for volunteerism, spiritual wellness, and education on vacation.

“Your wellness program should be embedded in everything your organization does,” Jason Lang, team lead for workplace health programs at the CDC.

Millennials in the workplace

  • Want to be heard – want to know that their ideas matter
  • Need to feel empowered – know that they’re making a difference
  • Want flexibility – work/life balance – need downtime
  • They want to make a difference – know that there’s growth

What is the keyword in Travel These Days?…


Meditation Spot Backpack wellness traveler

I believe that the world at large is going through a big transition stage.  What is this transition?  In one word… “wellness”. Suzanne Daley, TaoWander, Wellness Travel Influencer

In response to the wealth of knowledge we have on healing the human body and the obvious feel-good strategy of wellness creating greater wellness, Punta Cana Wellness developed the portal for a Wellness Travel Concierge.

What is Wellness Travel Concierge Service?

We create wellness package experiences for individuals, groups or corporations.  We are very interested in working with business to providing “wellness incentives” to their employees or even using it as a “promotional tool” to get more customers. 

How can wellness travel help your employees?

In the most simple terms, wellness breeds greater wellness.  If you have healthy employees, you are going to attract more healthy employees and build a brand that is sustainable and admirable.  Healthy employees are happy employees.  Happy employees inspire growth and leadership.  Happy employees attract paying customers!  Wow… imagine that!!!

Do you know the difference between the Walmart employee vs the Trader Joes employee?

“Your wellness program should be embedded in everything your organization does. It’s just as important as sales and marketing. As important as research and development. It’s just as important as customer service.” – Jason Lang, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

We live in an ever-increasing transparent world

It is important to note that we live in a world that everyone is watching. As a business or corporation, you cannot easily hide, especially when it comes to your employees.  People are speaking about the places they work, as you can see on places like 

Wellness travel programs for the workplace could be a great source of increased company vitality.

Provide “options” to employees on how to better themselves through wellness.  There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to our health. 

What type of wellness travel offerings are there?

With our travel wellness partners, we can provide a multi-sensory and multi-disciplinary approach to wellness packages.

Here’s a small list of experiences that can be enjoyed through a wellness vacation.  It is up to the individual or group to choose what suits them best.

  • Meditation and breathwork
  • Yoga
  • Enjoy quality holistic food (organic, vegan, vegetarian and omnivore options)
  • Time spent with trained professionals in Diet, Nutrition, and Health
  • Sound healing experiences
  • Spa & massage experiences
  • Retreat experiences in a group setting or alone
  • Nature & wildlife experiences
  • Mystical or spiritual experiences
  • Surfing, swimming, and other exercises
  • Qi-gong and/or Tai Chi
  • Time to explore the destination, sightsee and interact with locals
Happy people lying down in the grass smiling at each other.

What are the benefits of wellness travel?

  • Re-energizing, rejuvenating and finding balance
  • Taking part in physical activity such as hiking, kayaking, yoga, surfing, running, etc.
  • Learn about new, healthier food and recipes that are easy to prepare
  • Weight loss or weight gain (depending on individual needs)
  • Stress reduction
  • Learn how to manage stress
  • Provides a “pause” or “reboot”, more than the typical vacation
  • Focusses on prioritizing you and your health for the body, spirit, and mind

“84% of working parents said work flexibility is the NUMBER 1 important factor in a job80% considered work-life balance is important.” – A recent survey from FlexJobs

In 2014, the Harvard Business Review studied 20 companies with wellness programs.  They found that annual health care costs were considerably lower than the national average.4

And if you’re still not sure why you want wellness travel, you can also read this great article at The Every Girl.   

How does adding wellness in your business culture improve the bottom line? (ie. profits!)

  • Employees are more engaged because they’ve had the time to re-boot
  • With higher engagement, productivity goes up!
    • Ideas and innovations are more likely to sprout
    • Employees feel a greater sense of ownership for their work
    • They take fewer sick days
    • Are measurably more efficient at completing tasks
    • Loyalty is increased due to greater engagement
    • Greater team growth and synergy
  • Management is more likely to recognize employees for their contributions (which is the #1 reason people stay at their jobs)

Adding wellness to your business may seem like an expense at first.  However, the long term gain will create LESS expense over time.  Moreover, your company deserves the best as your team is the foundation of your BEST creativity and spark.

Give your team a wellness travel package from Punta Cana Wellness today!

-Written by Suzanne Daley for Punta Cana Wellness

Suzanne Daley is the owner of TaoWander LLC, wellness retreat promotion and marketing around the world since 2016.

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Suzanne Daley is a wellness traveler, consultant, influencer, mystic, and nomad. She has had a passion for health and wellness for 25 years. After experiencing an Ayahuasca retreat in Cusco, Peru in 2016, she has focused her efforts on her own personal healing as well as showcasing healing travel opportunities to others through her website, When she asked a friend to give a testimonial about their healing experience with her, they wrote “I can write a book about it ????” Suzanne desires to make a difference in the world through the transformative power of travel. Suzanne’s background is in branding, marketing, communications, graphic design, website design and has won several awards in hand-knotted rug design.

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