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Green Sustainable Wellness: Natural Approach To Transform Destinations

{Free Webinar, Denzil Phillips & László Puczkó,PhD MA MSc CMC}

Hi there, and welcome to our #whileinside #stayathome Blog series! Wellness living and wellness travel is also about wellness for the planet. Under the banner of sustainability, more and more hotels, resorts and destinations are doing their part to save the world. We have learned through this Pandemic -Covid_19 that a healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature is the answer to strengthen our immune system and business structure. Green Sustainable Wellness is a natural approach to transform destinations, hotels, communities, and homes creating a sustainable model of growth and caring for the environment.

sustainable hotels example for Punta Cana Wellness

Our sustainable experts:

László Puczkó, Ph.D. MA MSc CMC, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder at Health Tourism Worldwide.

László is an internationally acknowledged expert and visionary in the health, wellness and medical travel, hospitality, and tourism arenas. As an economist specializing in tourism, he has led such benchmark research as “Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism: Where Do Spas Fit?” for the Global Spa Summit and the ”Exploring Health Tourism” for the United Nations World Tourism Organization and European Travel Commission.

Over the past 25+ years, Laszlo has honed his expertise in product development, experience mapping and design, impact assessment, and marketing. He is a frequent presenter and trainer at international professional and academic conferences addressing such topics as performance benchmarks, competitive product development, the role of travel in wellbeing, and product conceptualization. He is a trainer of marketing and product development at both property and destination levels.
László has written and co-authored several benchmark books and articles on health tourism, cultural management, and destination marketing including Health Tourism and Hospitality: Spas, Wellness, and Medical Travel.

László graduated as an economist specializing in tourism from Budapest University of Economics and holds a Ph.D. on the Environmental Impacts of Tourism from Budapest University of Economics- sustainability-. He is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and Past President of the Association of Tourism Consultants in Hungary. He was a manager at KPMG, the global advisory firm’s Travel, Leisure and Tourism Group (Europe & Middle East), and served as an advisor on private as well as public sector projects. 

Denzil Phillips, Founder Director Denzil Phillips International Ltd.

Technical Advisor to Punta Cana Wellness, Advisor to the Board of the African Spa and Wellness Association, Member of the GWI Caribbean Initiative, and one of the architects of the Caribbean Spa and Wellness Association (CSWA). With a Masters in Tropical Agriculture with specialization on Agro-Tourism.

Denzil Phillips and his global associates specialise in the design & implementation of sustainable commercial projects in the field of medicinal & aromatic plants and related botanicals. We place special emphasis on linkages between conservation & industry & the interface between industry, small farmers &forest dwellers. Clients include private firms, NGOs & Govts 

Some of the things we talked about:

  1. When we talk about sustainability, in the tourism industry, are we talking about the hotel – destination operations?- The community? The natural Resources? or all the above? are there any conflicts? 
  2. How the concept/approach of healing landscapes can incorporate nature and human infrastructure (buildings etc) in a proposition that actually has healing properties on guests? this is a landscaping+architectural angle.
  3. What does it mean to expand sustainability beyond the product? and what is the product? (The service, the location, the local producers- organic sources).
  4. Do you have practical examples of how sustainability has changed for the good of the business, community, and natural environment? Is there an overlap or relationship between ecotourism and wellness tourism- are they related? Competing? married or in a harmonious relationship?
  5. Can a model of sustainable – green – wellness help us reshape – create a stronger travel and tourism industry- a business model that will recuperate faster than the current predictions? 

We hope the content of this free webinar was insightful and that you and your organization could take advantage of our conversation.

If you need assistance in taking your hotel, destination, or business into the sustainability path! We can help! Click here to start the process.

Check out the video, leave your comments, and questions we want to hear what you think. Be part of the conversation.

Thank you all for your attention and patience we had some technical issues at the beginning, stay home, stay safe.

I am all in when it comes to creating quality connections that enhance my quality of life and the ones around me, based on self-care and the care of others, that is why promoting health and wellness is essential for me.

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