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How to have a homey holiday out of home

[ Four Vacation Rentals tips and recommendations for a successful vacation]

The 2019 Holiday season is around the corner, and so is the winter vacation season. If you do not have any plans in place yet, nothing to worry about there is room to plan still. A vacation rental can be ideal if you have a group of people- large or small- traveling or if you like your privacy.

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Here are our four tips and recommendations to transform your holiday vacation into an enjoyable holiday out of the home. Moreover, will put you in the path for a successful vacation in a space where you’re comfortable living in, even temporarily.

1. Consider the house, villa, apartment, or what you have in mind to rent layout.

It is essential to understand the layout of the property, considering how many floors, bathrooms, bedrooms, and common areas.

The ideal space will click with you and the people traveling along.

For example: If you are traveling with elderly individuals, consider a one-story building where there are no stairs involved.

Cathy Ross, the chief executive of Exclusive Resorts, explained in a New York Times article: “A common mistake that renters make is focusing on a home’s aesthetics but not paying attention to its layout, an essential factor in having a successful vacation.”

2. Do some research on the surroundings and how does the security works while you are a guest.

Is a must to research the country, the town, community or destination, and surroundings.

Ask about the hospital, police station, airport, supermarkets, and any other essential service provider near the vacation rental location.

Make sure you understand how the alarm system works if any, or if there is a security staff or service in place.

 if there will be an in- house staff-maids, chef, and service concierge- ask the right questions, background, employment history, etc., and any other detail essential to satisfy your need for safety. 

Ask questions the more you know, the better.

3) Make sure you understand what you are paying for. 

If your price range – budget goes from $50 to $100/ night is a what you see is what you get a type of deal. But if we are talking about $ 1500, $2000 night, it might include property + perks.

Most of the Villas- Vacation rentals services have expanded their offer beyond the property amenities and accommodations, they have taken their proposal to the next level by including services like:

  • Chef service with specialty food requests – Vegetarian, Vegan, etc.
  • Maids or daily cleaning services
  • Concierge that will be your personal go-to person to move around town, schedule tours, and activities, and transportation services.
  • Yoga classes
  • Massage service
  • Babysitter services
  • Pet Sitter services

The list can go on, depending on your preferences and budget.

Vacation rentals providers like our partners, Palmera Villas, and Villa Long Beach in Punta Cana, are great examples of this practice.

4) Attractions and Experiences available

The goal of vacation, besides having fun and relax, is to experience moments that will become memories to share and potentially repeat in the future.

Therefore, when selecting a vacation rental, consider the destination local attractions and experiences, along with the potential impact on the community and the environment. Do research on tours, excursions, surrounding beach destinations, spa services, river, lakes, restaurants, nightlife, yoga studio classes, wellness treatments, and any other idea that will enhance your vacations.

We hope that these tips and recommendations are useful for vacation rental journey.

 Do you need extra help in finding a vacation rental that clicks with you? Check out our villas and apartments offer, fill out the form, and we will gladly help you, no extra or hidden service fees.

Have more recommendations, feel free to share.

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