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How to make wellbeing check-in a rewarding daily habit.

[ So, You can go ahead and have a Juicy Burger and feel good about it! ]

When it comes to wellbeing check-ins, we are talking about checking in with our bodies and emotions; we check in within ourselves, what am I feeling- body-, and where does it come from? – Feelings, emotions, needs-. 

So, we can be able to create a balance. One day have all the greens and fruits with tons of water, and in the same week, grab a burger with a beer and enjoy it with no guilt!

We all have that emotional eater, drinker, and cookie monster being inside of us.

 I used to be one extreme or the other; I will go “Cold turkey” on carbs, sugars, and alcohol and then “go all-in”.

The lack of balance in my body and mental health created a turmoil of guilt and lack of self-love.

I have made the wellbeing check-in practice part of my life, daily routine. This practice allows me to keep my focus, understand the messages that my body is transmitting, and create clarity and awareness of my needs and feelings.

I want to share with you this personal practice that has helped me to understand me better and therefore understand others as well. Please note I am not saying it is a magic formula that will allow you to become Enlighted, but I can tell you it does help to become more present; it’s a 1,2,3 question – wellbeing check-in- that only takes a couple of minutes during your day.

 1st Question:  What am I feeling?

My body is the best communicator; I only need to listen.

My body can tell me when needs to stretch – practice some Yoga; go for a walk because my legs feel stiff.

When is craving for carbs, sugar, or a beautiful piece of steak or have the pizza and beers with wings! – all in moderation that is the key.

Your body lets you know when you are in a state of energy or fatigue, sickness or health, relaxation or stiffness, pain, discomfort, when hungry when tired.

2nd Question: Where is this coming from?

Am I feeling stress, anxious, cheerful?

In my case, emotions like fear go into my stomach, the pressure goes to my neck and shoulders. Have you noticed where does your feeling reflect in your body?

When the emotions- feelings happen I make a pause, I check with my stomach, my neck, it feels heavy,

3rd Question: What do I Need?

Not to make it go away, but to make it better to have a rewarding experience since I am in control, I am creating balance, I am aware.

Do I need to rest? Do I need ice cream? Or a piece of cake? Do I need a glass of wine?

It is a matter of creating a process, a system that allows me to experience the rewards of my conscious effort to understand myself and take care of my wellbeing.

Let’s be clear checking in with your wellness is not the same as checking in with your wellbeing. In other words, sometimes you will order the burger, or have a drink; the key is moderation.

Happiness in life is about balance as the “5 Reasons Why Moderation Is Key to A Healthy Lifestyle article explains”

If you are open to finding more about you the Wellbeing check-in’s – come to our workshop this November 13 @  6 pm, $20 p/p. New York City. Click here to get your tickets.

Cheers to Wellness!

I am all in when it comes to creating quality connections that enhance my quality of life and the ones around me, based on self-care and the care of others, that is why promoting health and wellness is essential for me.

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