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Tips to infuse Wellness Into your Business Travel and Remain Energized

Traveling for business is usual in my life as going to the gym. Travel can be bad for our physical and mental health. Crowds, delays, airport security checks, luggage, and many other travel hassles can cause tremendous stress, especially when coupled with jet lag, poor sleep, missed exercise routines, unhealthy food, alcohol etcetera. 

For many, thousands or millions of people over the world, this practice is common and usual as well. We found ourselves from airport to airport, from port to port, from hotel to hotel, from one city to another and the list can go on. The bottom line is we travel. 

I hear people saying to me, ” Wow, you are lucky, that is so cool,” I believe it, it is cool.

What is not so cool is: 

1)I am traveling for business; I am going to be working, sometimes talking nonstop for more than 12 hours with lots of people. 

2) I am at a remote location, far from home, that most likely will see the hotel, the airport, and the roads; is a chance of luck to get time to explore. And

3) I have a minimal amount of time to practice self-care. 

It is essential to create a self-support system, a routine that allows you to remain energized, before, during, and after the business journey. 

From experience, I learned a way to keep on the move and remained energized. 

 Punta Cana Wellness goal is to enhance your wellness journey; therefore, I feel motivated to share my experiences. I am preparing myself for an intense business trip next week –INBOUND 2019 Marketing conference in Boston, MA.

So, here are a few tips for your consideration on how to infuse wellness into your business travel journey:

1) Pack with Your Agenda in mind

Typically, you already have an agenda with a clear idea on your schedule, meetings, conferences, and networking events, that will occur during your business trip. 

Therefore, why not create a wardrobe agenda as well? It might sound logical but if you think about it, when was the last time that you spend 20 to 30 mins in front of your hotel closet thinking- What am I going to wear for this meeting? 

How to pack your bag for business punta cana wellness.

2) Make room to exercise, walk, stretch, move your physical

If you are a compulsive, active gym user, I will assume that you book a hotel room with a GYM, but what happens when you use an AIRBNB? It can be an apartment, house, or a room with no GYM. So my recommendation is, go for a walk, a run, or spread a towel on your bedroom floor and do 10 minutes of “Sun salutation” it will warm your core, give you the chance to breathe, clear your mind and build energy.

3) Feel the release of Silence

 At the end of the day after meetings, conferences, networking meaning TALKING; it is essential to create space for Silence. Take a moment to disconnect, shut the door, shut the cellphone, no tv or computers, give yourself some rest. check out this article to get more information about it. Benefits That Silence Has on Your Brain

Benefits that silence has on your brain Punta Cana Wellness.

4) Be mindful about what you eat or drink

Try to keep a healthy diet, grab food that contributes to your energy, avoid sugars, and carbohydrates in huge quantity. For example, grab a salad with some fruit for lunch instead of a burger or pasta; that way by 3 pm you will remain energized with no sugar crush. Keep your water intake as much as you can, drink, drink, drink. If you must try to keep alcohol intake to a minimum (1 drink is good). Your digestive system will appreciate the help, remember you have very little to rest between meals, in some occasions you are eating while moving to another meeting or during the meeting, the lighter you go, the better.  Want some tips? we invite you to look into our previous blogs.

5) Get sleep – 6-8 hours 

I know networking events can run long, and they are essential but ask yourself the question – How am I going to perform tomorrow? For me, it has always been a matter of priority, so what is yours? 

6) The most important one:  Begin each day with gratitude.  Feel the prayer of both giving and receiving gratitude.  Feel the gratitude of breath, that you have the whole day ahead of you and every moment is an opportunity to shine.

I am sure you have many other tips that we can add to this list, I would love to hear them, for me wellness goes beyond a diet, or vitamins or exercise routine, is a discipline, the capacity to choose what is best for me according to my goals. 

I am all in when it comes to creating quality connections that enhance my quality of life and the ones around me, based on self-care and the care of others, that is why promoting health and wellness is essential for me.

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