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Jahy Pimenten Healer and Coach

A Wellness Journey, Jahy Pimentel from a Mom on Duty to a Holistic Healer.

Welcome to our blog series, we will do our best to keep content coming every week. Punta Cana Wellness mission is to create a genuine conversation between wellness seekers, travelers, and wellness professionals to enhance their wellness journey, healthy wellness tips and much more.

Jahy Pimentel, mother of 3, happily married and a holistic nutrition coach entrepreneur here in New York.

I hope you enjoy our conversation and find answers that will enhance your wellness journey. Here is a recap of our conversation:

Me: Tell the Punta Cana Wellness Tribe, who is Jahy Pimentel and hoes does your wellness experience begins?
Jahy: I’ve always liked to help people heal. You can say I’m an innate holistic healer, but I used to tell people I couldn’t be a doctor because I get nervous if I see blood!

I can tell you of a story when I was 14 years old in the Dominican Republic living with my grandmother. One time, she was complaining of pelvic pain and constant urge to urinate, as if her bladder was full, but only a few drops would come out. However, the urge to urinate and pain persisted. I immediately got my anatomy book and started explaining to her that there seemed to be “something” stopping the flow of urine from passing from the bladder to the urethra. In 1990, I was an HS student then. Remember, there was no internet or other resources I could use, other than my anatomy book. I then told my grandmother she needed to see a doctor to find out, and she did. It was EXACTLY as I had predicted!

My grandmother had a bladder stone preventing the flow of urine from entering the urethra to be released. It was excruciating for her, and I diagnosed her at only 14 years old. My destiny as a healer had begun, but I completely deviated from it.

I came to the USA and studied Hospitality Management, (Hotel and Restaurant degree) (BT) then a Travel & Tourism degree.

These things were entirely outside the scope of healing. However, in 2015, the universe shook me to my core when my middle child, Ryan Valentino, was diagnosed with liver disease at 12 years of age. As a consequence of 8 years of being severely asthmatic and receiving steroids for his asthma, in addition to 2 years on STATINS (cholesterol-lowering medication). We got scared when the doctor told us “his liver is compromised.”

I refused any further pharmaceutical treatment and had to sign tons of paperwork stating so. In the meantime, I had NO idea how I was going to heal my son, but I was sure more BIG PHARMA products wasn’t the answer. It was as if something woke up within me. I just knew I had to take matters into my own hands! We began researching and became gurus in a short period!

On the other hand, my husband took time off from work and became a Family Herbalist, holistic healing. We learned a lot about herbs. My son continued with lots of testing done, and things were not pleasant, so I decided to remove all boxed cereal from the house and wholly eliminated dairy while simultaneously treating him with herbs only. I used two herbs.

He dropped 20 lbs in about a month, and a half and his concentration levels went up in school. Teachers were telling me how he became a different kid in a matter of weeks after I introduced the changes in his nutrition and began treating him holistically.

He had always been a brilliant child but was easily distracted. Now I know that cereal boxes are ADHD in a box! Never again, lol.

Three months later, he was due for a sonogram, and the technician could NOT find anything wrong with his liver! She was puzzled and couldn’t understand what was going on. She was searching into the left side when I pointed out to her that the liver was in the right

Side. She said she knew, but did not find anything on the right side, so decided to check left, just in case. Perplexed I asked her, “what do you mean?” she then explained that his liver is fine no trace of issues! I was as happy as can be!

When my husband heard the news, he told me I needed to get back to school to obtain my credentials and be able to help people heal holistically and shared my knowledge with the world. Here I am.

Me: How do you feel about your current wellness business journey as a coach and also cooking healthy food?


After finishing my studies and obtaining my credentials, all I wanted to do was to help people heal. To coach, to guide people into a healthier/happier lifestyle. However, I had NO idea I was going to end up with food business in my lap as well lol.

It all happened after one day I posted my breakfast jar of overnight oats into my Instagram. People began to contact me, asking me how much I charge for it.

I let people know that they were not for sale, it was only my breakfast I was sharing, but they insisted they would be willing to pay me if I made it for them.

I couldn’t believe it was a serious proposition but gave them a price, and my healthy food business took off just like that! Jars of Goodness by Jahy was born.

It has been gratifying seeing people who didn’t eat healthy switch to my oats and lose an average of 6 lbs per week just by consuming them!

My customers kept asking for more, so I work on my menu and introduced 20 overnight oats flavors, 15 healthy salads, and five healthy desserts for those with a sweet tooth.

I now help people reverse disease + lose weight with my two weeks VEGAN detox program. I rely on foods and herbs only. It feels great to see them healthy and happy again. Some patients even go off medications after my program.

I have treated a variety of conditions so far.

There are those challenging patients who refuse to stop caffeine (for example) for those two weeks, but with some patience, I explain to them why it is crucial, and they come around.

I also replace caffeine with something (food) that makes their caffeine withdrawal more tolerable, making it easier for them to transition. 

A few more questions.

Me: Can you give us an example of a challenging, but worthwhile case?

I had a patient who refused to let go of coffee, as I mentioned before. Many of them have that same issue lol.
I have to explain to them the reason why the liver needs that rest to reset and detox properly.
People think they would have no energy or won’t survive day one without coffee. I proved them all wrong! They tell me they can’t believe the minimum withdrawal symptoms and experienced the levels of high energy they had before, while and after the program. They are so amazed at the caffeine replacement I use.

What makes your approach different from other health coach practice?


I usually tell people, “I am not your average nutritionist.” I don’t do it out of cockiness, but to explain to them that I have a different vantage point because of my knowledge of the chakras system. The fact that I became certified as a chakras healer 12 years ago, in addition to a very acute intuition, make me great at what I do. It allows me to treat the WHOLE person, I look at people from a holistic perspective with all his/her layers, not just get rid of symptoms. I go to the root of the physical problem by going deep into the spiritual and energetic reasons for the issue in the first place. One can NOT heal the body without healing the spirit first!
I have a questionnaire that I ask every person interested in my services.
I have added some chakras-related questions to it, which show me a more in-depth picture of the person and the issue at hand.

My approach is holistic, understandable and thorough. There’s also the brujita in me.

My approach is entirely PERSONALIZED. I can’t treat a patient with another’s plan because their conditions, symptoms, food allergies, chakras alignment will not be the same. Besides, I customize according to age, gender, propensities, and individual goals, etc.

Me: What do self-care and self-love mean to you? And how do you integrate that vision into your practice?


I love this question!

My understanding is that I spend most of my time TEACHING my patients/followers that self-love is crucial for healing!

We need to understand that “we can’t give from an empty cup” and that if we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t be available to assist others.

As a mother of 3, wife, entrepreneur woman, I have lots of responsibility. I also take care of all of my grandmother’s affairs. I pay all her bills and have to visit her often.
It can get hectic between home, cooking business, seeing patients, the kids, husband, friends, family, and last, but not least, MY HORMONES!

As a 43-year-old woman, I know I have to keep stress levels under control and my hormones in check!
For this, I use adaptogenic herbs (adrenal/hormones support).

Besides, I go to mom-vacations at least once a year! (no kids/no husband allowed).

Furthermore, I often soak on warm detox baths: Meditation music/mantras, aromatherapy candles, essential oils, Epsom salt, baking soda, coconut oil, a glass of wine, and dimmed lights! J I have an active workout routine too. Exercise is my drug of choice.

As you can see, I take holistic self-care very seriously.

I often meditate and keep a busy social life, as well, I take good care of my body temple with proper nutrition and spirituality.

I often refer to “the flight attendant wisdom,” which says that you need to put YOUR oxygen mask on first before you attempt to help others.

We need to oxygenate our brains first and ensure we are ok BEFORE we go into the world.

We thank Jahy for sharing the Punta Cana Wellness followers her wellness journey from a Mom to a holistic healer- nutrition coach.

if you want to know more about Jahy and her work follow her on Instagram @jahypimentel or @jarsofgoodnessbyjahy.

Watch the video, comment, and or ask questions; we are here to help, guide, and enhance your wellness journey.

I am all in when it comes to creating quality connections that enhance my quality of life and the ones around me, based on self-care and the care of others, that is why promoting health and wellness is essential for me.

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