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Making Your Mark In An Overwhelmed World

{Sara Quiriconi, Wellness Warrior Traveler }

Hi there, and welcome to our #whileinside #stayathome Blog series! Today we had the pleasure to chat with Sara Quiriconi, Wellness traveler, Content Creator, and Talent, and Punta Cana Wellness strategic partner about making your mark in an overwhelmed world.

Sara’s story began her professional journey started right after college with a communication major, and then moving into the corporate world more specifically to advertising, marketing, and sales, always creating content, making your mark.

As a 16yrs cancer survivor and overcoming eating and drinking disorders, Sara felt the “wellness urge” that voice that tells you – there is more – there has to be more-.

She shares with us how at some point, she was sitting at her desk watching the time pass while her mind wondered “how much longer until I can leave to my Yoga class” – that was a sign, something has to change, something was not right.

Then Sara became a Yoga teacher, moved from Boston to Miami – left the cold behind 🙂 – but it did not felt complete, her creative side was calling. Since she was born and raced in a sales, creative, entrepreneurial environment, the calling was within her DNA.

Started working on her brand, Live Free Warrior, Sara Quiriconi, living her talk, making a mark in an overwhelmed work by being authentic, and having a clear understanding of her WHY.

As she shares during the interview a few suggestions for those that are looking to gain success as an influencer and or better say making your mark in an overwhelmed world:

  • Get to know your Why?
  • Be Authentic, share your life experiences, your content, your mark.
  • Explore various mediums to share your message – written, photography, video etcetera
  • Explore different platforms
  • Do not make the jump with no safety net or back up plan.
  • Is about help others
  • Plan ahead – be resourceful
  • Be open to the experience, and inspiration will come.

Sara also briefly shared her perspective on what to expect for the new normal or after COVID 19 potentially; if you want to hear more about it, we invite you to join us for a webinar on April 17, 11 am – Click here for more information. You can also follow Sara on Instagram @livefreewarrior.

Check out the video, leave your comments, and questions we want to hear what you think. Be part of the conversation.

Thank you all for your attention, stay home, stay safe.

I am all in when it comes to creating quality connections that enhance my quality of life and the ones around me, based on self-care and the care of others, that is why promoting health and wellness is essential for me.

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