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Promoting Caribbean Wellness Tourism

{Steve Andrews a 23 years perspective}

Hi there and welcome to our #whileinside #stayathome Blog series! Today we had the pleasure to chat with Steve Andrews, Smoothing Touch Spa in Barbados, 23 years perspective on Promoting Caribbean wellness tourism.

Steve started his wellness professional journey 23 years ago as a martial arts athlete. He got the chance to experience a massage, and at that moment, his mind, body, and perspective were transformed.

He wanted to know more; to be part of the wellbeing of people, he wanted people to feel and understand the benefits of experiencing wellness through the hands and touch of a wellness professional; so he started looking for training. Unfortunately, training in Barbados was not available at that time. Still, with perseverance and savings, he went overseas and became one of the most prominent figures within the spa industry in the Caribbean region.

Steve has dedicated his professional life to research and develop spa programs in the Caribbean region where the ” Caribbean Uniqueness” is part of the concept. Denzil Philips, our strategic partner, recognized him as probably the only real ” Caribbean Spa” in Barbados due to his ideas of integration of nature, flavors, and culture within the space, the treatments, and service. That is one of the many reasons that we chose him to become one of the speakers for the Caribbean Wellness Tourism Conference, that we will have in 2020.

Steve understands that the Caribbean region has a lot to offer, and so far, there is no vision on how to promote or develop the market with quality standards and as a regional brand.

Some of the points that he stressed during our conversations regarding Caribbean Wellness Tourism:

The Culture of the Region 

There is such a thing called Caribbean Massage as the Japanese or the Swiss have one, we also have one.

Our Caribbean Uniqueness goes beyond the beach; it involves our natural medicine, spices, food and flavors, and, most of all, our people. 

Creating a structure to promote wellness tourism. 

Steve and I believe in a “year-round tourism model,” a ‘Wellness tourism model” where you come to any Caribbean destination, and you return home 10x better than when you leave, rejuvenated, energized, with a boost for your immune system and full of Joy!

Check out the video, leave your comments, and questions we want to hear what you think. Be part of the conversation.

Thank you all for your attention, stay home, stay safe.

I am all in when it comes to creating quality connections that enhance my quality of life and the ones around me, based on self-care and the care of others, that is why promoting health and wellness is essential for me.

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