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Punta Cana Food and More

Experience Punta Cana like a local.

We invite you to wanderlust in style with us and experience Punta Cana like a local. Our partner, Punta Cana Food & More, an Instagram – local influencer that knows Punta Cana like the palm of her hand will have you experience Punta Cana as locals do.

Yosi knows what’s in or out, what is yummy and healthy, trending, all the foodie experiences in Punta cana and we want you to be part of it.

We understand that your wellness vacation – experience goal is associated with the pursuit of maintaining or enhancing your personal wellbeing meeting your needs for health, self-care, play, and adventure.


Meet Yosi Beltre- Your Punta Cana guide.

Born and raised near the area of ​​Punta Cana, an architect by profession but hotelier by decision, with a master’s degree in Tourism, Business, and events Protocol from the Ostelea University of Madrid.

Yosi has 9 years working in the Hospitality Industry, always looking to have the best outcome and learning experiences from every professional opportunity.

From the Sales Department, Meetings, Events, Reservations, and Weddings, her goal has always been to create remarkable experiences for the clients and visitors.

Hey Yosi, why Punta Cana Food and More?

Because I am in love with my city. Millions of people travel to Punta Cana for vacations; I am the lucky one since I can say it is my hometown.

I am passionate about taking tons of pictures and having different experiences that enhance my wellbeing and quality of life.

I want to share through my photos and stories that Punta Cana is much more than All Inclusive hotels.

You already know about the year-long warm weather, turquoise clear beaches, and our hospitality. We want to introduce you to the city from the local’s perspective.

Let us introduce you to restaurants that offer the yummiest and healthiest options, shops, spas, and much more.

I will give you my recommendations and ratings, you can choose from there.

We invite you the get to know Punta Cana as you may not have seen it before.


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